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A sample of some non-work projects I've worked on.
A screen recording app built with web technologies.
React Native Zephyr
TailwindCSS-inspired styling library for React Native.
A mandelbrot fractal generator built with raw WebGL and Svelte.
Personal PokeDex
A couch-project I put together while exploring Next.js static site generation. Parsed CSVs of Pokemon data to statically-generate a site with hundreds of highly-optimized pages. Used Node tooling to extract vibrant colors to spice up the app's design.
React Dynamic Geometry
A React library for creating dynamic geometry boards. This was a "could I do that?" project, and was more for fun than for real-world use. Uses React, TypeScript, Jotai, and MATH.
CIE Color Converter
A dependency-free JS library to convert between 7 different color spaces. Lots of fun matrix maths.
Browser-based FFMPEG video converter. Handy for turning .mov files into GIFs.
React Native Animation Samples
An ongoing playground for creating snippets of cool animations in React Native using React Native's built-in Animated API. A fun place for me to explore mobile animation techniques.
LearnJS Playground
A pet project I started and never finished. Uses Gatsby and MDX to create static pages with JS-based learning exercises. Contains fun little interactive editors for tinkering with JS ideas.